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Offices interior design service

Offices interior design service



Your office space must reflect your professional needs, but also offer an air of comfort and class. After all, you spend a great deal of your day there - why not make it as inviting as possible? If you're not sure where to start with your office interior design project that's where Mouhajer can step in...offering help, advice and ways to make every work day a pleasure, in the most beautiful surroundings. Whether it's ergonomically designed furniture, or rooms to unwind in, we'll give you everything you need. Make all your meetings count, and be the envy of your client base.


How we wrok

We take a thorough and detailed approach to our design processes. It begins the first time we speak to our prospective clients about how they see their project taking shape. From this, we’ll form a solid plan. We'll use this to create the interior you want – at a time that’s right for you. Our interior design plans usually develop over four stages. Here’s a little bit about how each of these stages work…

Project discovery

Let's talk design details. We'll offer office fit-out guidance to make your space an inspiring place.

Plan of action + moodboard

Often a moodboard can assist with design choices, but also help you visualise everything you need to make your working space just right.

Design phase

We're starting to really get to grips with your plans now. Here, we'll formulate a full working plan, ready for your approval.