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    Three Astonishing Misconceptions Of Interior Designing

    Every industry is pooled with numerous stereotypes, but the largest one is probably the designing industry. Like any other profession, designing is an industry that is prevalent to both men and women. However, in 2015, one of the articles from the ‘Journal of Interior Design’ points out that women are most suited for this industry. As a reputed interior design firm in the UAE, Mouhajer takes the initiative to restructure and address these myths that are very misleading.

    Designers just play with fabric swatches

    A large part of the job of an interior designer is to make spaces functional, safe, elegant, and beautiful. They do not only play with the fabric, paints, and the various decorative items, but they also need to determine the requirements, layouts, and read blueprints from the builders and architects. This requires attention to detail and noting down the smallest item that might be required to make the place look spectacular. It would be unfair to say that designers need to just have an eye for colour. It is much more than that. Designers need to understand the layout and work it out in such a manner that it does not only make the place look beautiful but also reflects the personality and preferences of the owner.

    Interior designers are only for the rich

    Movies, TV shows, and media has proclaimed and have made a certain stereotype about interior designing. Through their movies and videos, they have showcased interior designers as an affordable element only for the rich. This is totally wrong. In fact, it is quite the opposite. They are not only affordable to one and all, but they also make sure that you save both time and money. If you are planning to redecorate your house, you will have no other choice but to take out some extra time from your regular schedule.

    Our interior designers will not only allot time for your decoration, but they will also learn the vendors, stores, and location from where they can purchase inexpensive resources. Perhaps, in the rush, you might end up spending more in your resources. Additionally, since becoming an interior designer require experience and a certain set of skills, our designers will be able to deliver exactly what you had pictured in your head. Hence, there won’t be a room for trial and error. So, you do not only get to save money, but also a lot of time and get results that will certainly meet your expectations.

    Designers are all-knowing

    Whenever people deal with interior designers, there is this huge misconception that they are trained to read your mind. While designers do have extensive knowledge and are expected to come up with the best, it’s still advisable to collaborate with them especially if you have personal inputs and preferences in mind. This is to help them get the results you want. Providing information and communicating regarding the kind of designs, layouts, and colours you are interested in would help the designers turn your dreams into reality. Even if the designer will have the liberty to design whatever they like, the results might not match your expectations and mostly your budget if you have something particular in mind from the very start.

    The best results still come out of a collaborative experience. Communication is always the key, not only when it comes to dealing with interior designers, but also with any professionals from any industry. These misconceptions in interior designing should not hinder you from hiring designers, especially if you want the finest designs for your interiors.

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