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    Pick The Top 5 Affordable Interior Design Tips!

    Whether you have just moved in or if you are planning to redecorate your home, you would want to know more about interior design tricks that can certainly ease your process of moving in or redecorating.

    In fact, these can certainly be affordable and have a huge impact on your space. Sometimes, the smallest things can have the biggest impact. Our designers also aim to adopt this as we believe in subtlety. Maybe you would want to opt for softened falls, brighter room, or add elements that would present a touch of your personality, so, take a look at our design tips:

    Paint smaller rooms in softer and lighter colours to make them look bigger

    If your room is too small and you cannot improvise much, there is nothing to worry as there are ways to maximise your space regardless of its size. It might look cramped, however, with large windows, light coloured walls and an ample use of mirrors, your room will certainly look larger. Mirrors are used so that the natural light gets reflected from the doors and windows. This will give you an optical illusion of a larger room. Correspondingly, a dark room will make it look very small and cramped. It is always advisable to add a brighter tone that will give some warmth to your space.

    Use decorative light to add instant light to your rooms

    Usage of lights is another alternative that can make your rooms look bigger. If your room seems dark, using decorative lights will be the perfect solution. When you place the lights across the windows, it will add instant space. In fact, you can make it look funky as you add some decorative elements to your light source. This will add style and elegance to your overall room.

    Mix up patterns and texture!

    There is nothing wrong with mixing up decorative items at your home. You can probably have a family heirloom that is placed next to your recently purchased couch. All experienced interior decorators will emphasise on decorating your home that will reflect your personality, choice of interest, and most importantly – your style. Let it be furniture, decorative pieces, textures or even patterns, try exploring your options and mix up a couple of things. It can certainly give warmth and texture to your rooms.

    Use what you have already to decorate the space

    We always have a lot of old things that are packed and remain untouched for many years. They can definitely add a personal touch to your home. You might have even forgotten that those packages exist. This can prove to be extremely cost effective and will give you a sense of nostalgia which perhaps cannot be bought ever!

    The only downside to these tips is that it can get time-consuming and you will have to take out extra time from your schedule. To ease this process, our expert interior designers will take the initiative to meet your high expectations. Get in touch with us for the best interior design fit out services!

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