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Custom furniture design

Custom furniture design



When designing interiors, you've got to complement it with tasteful furnishings, tables and chairs. Whether it's a room to sit and relax in, or one that will be used for dining and entertaining, having the right custom built furniture is a must. Not only does it reflect your personal style, but it provides a real talking point. Mouhajer's incredibly lucky to have three factories across three countries: the UAE, Italy and Turkiye where precision is paramount when building every single piece of furniture to our client's exact specifications. We can ship globally too.


How we wrok

We take a thorough and detailed approach to our design processes. It begins the first time we speak to our prospective clients about how they see their project taking shape. From this, we’ll form a solid plan. We'll use this to create the interior you want – at a time that’s right for you. Our interior design plans usually develop over four stages. Here’s a little bit about how each of these stages work…

Project discovery

What do you need from your furniture? Where will it go? We can help answer any questions you might have about your designs.

Plan of action + moodboard

Formulating a plan of action and creating a moodboard is a great step to getting distinctly designed furniture for your home.

Design phase

We'll show you the final design plans, you can sign them off and we'll make a start on creating your visions.