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Electrical work

Electrical work



Electrical safety for any property is paramount. Of course, interiors should be eye catching, but underpinning all this is the need to ensure your fixtures and fittings are in good working order, safe to use and law compliant. By using our electrical designing services you'll have peace of mind as standard. Lean on us to ensure that every project we carry out on your premises will be completed to the highest standard. Plus, we're always be on hand if you've got any questions about the process along the way. We're all about spectacular interiors, but not at the expense of cutting corners when it comes to electrical security.


How we wrok

We take a thorough and detailed approach to our design processes. It begins the first time we speak to our prospective clients about how they see their project taking shape. From this, we’ll form a solid plan. We'll use this to create the interior you want – at a time that’s right for you. Our interior design plans usually develop over four stages. Here’s a little bit about how each of these stages work…

Project discovery

Sit down with us and let's plan your vision from start to finish. We'll let you know what's possible and offer you advice.

Plan of action + moodboard

We'll create a moodboard to help you visualise your retail space in all its glory. Then we can set to work on a proper plan.

Design phase

It's time for you to see the design plans and ask us any questions. You'll get the final say – when you're happy, we're happy.sd asd asd asd asd sad asd as dasd as das d